Broomfield Student Overcomes School Struggles, Graduates, & Sets Sight on California College

Here at Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching, we love to showcase our students who have used our help to succeed inside and outside the classroom. One of our recent graduates is Holy Family High School’s, Anthony Chiusolo, who began tutoring services with us in 2014 as a sophomore.

Proud High School graduate Anthony Chiusolo

Proud High School graduate Anthony Chiusolo

Anthony’s Mom, Janet, reached out to us initially seeking Geometry help for Anthony. “Anthony usually does well in math, but he is tanking in Geometry.” This is quite common for students as they progress through high school and are faced with challenging and unfamiliar subjects. Universal Achievement seemed like a good fit for Anthony and his family who liked our positive, holistic approach to learning.

Anthony and his family went on to work with Universal Achievement for the next 3 years, receiving tutoring in a range of subjects including Chemistry, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II, and English. Anthony finished his high school career with a 3.5 GPA and earned A’s and B’s on all his final exams.

This was about more than just academic progress though. Students and Universal Achievement tutors develop mentor/mentee bonds as they work on a variety of lifestyle aspects, from movement and exercise, to nutrition, to positive thought patterns. Anthony’s mom agreed, “Anthony has mild Aspergers. He sometimes gets distracted or stuck in his thinking. The [UA tutors] let him talk about his interests and exchange topics on fun things too. It was a good balance and it helped Anthony to have that good rapport with his tutor.”

Universal Achievement tutors take time to get to know the students and use positive psychology to help them increase confidence and wellbeing in all aspects of life. Students gain hope and are empowered as tutors teach that learning is not fixed, you can always grow and improve.

The company’s founder, Jake Gamsky, was Anthony’s first tutor.  Jake always looked forward to his sessions with Anthony because he worked hard, wanted help, and was never short of interesting stories or funny Instagram posts. They were even featured in the Denver Post together.

UA's founder, Jake Gamsky, and Anthony Chiusolo get a quick workout in before starting their tutoring session

UA's founder, Jake Gamsky, and Anthony Chiusolo get a quick workout in before starting their tutoring session

Another one of Anthony’s tutors, Hugo Castaneda, a graduate student at the University of Denver, described his time in the Chiusolo home as a “very rewarding and fulfilling experience.” Hugo also commented on enjoying his job as a Universal Achievement tutor, “I have always believed health and academic performance are correlated and by improving nutrition and exercise an individual can optimize their performance in school. Universal Achievement granted me the opportunity to put the notion to the test and I am glad to say it did not disappoint.”

This fall Anthony is headed off to Saddleback College in Irvine California to study Economics, Business, and Politics. We look forward to hearing about his future endeavors and achievements in college and beyond.

Janet Chiusolo shared, “Your tutoring business made our life easier and far less stressful in helping Anthony through High School. I never had to worry if you were helping us and this was invaluable to our family.”

Universal Achievement will miss Anthony and his family, and we are grateful for the time we got to work with them. If you are interested in learning more about our tutoring and coaching program please visit our website at for more information and to schedule a free consultation.