Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching Scholarship Announcement

Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching would like to congratulate and recognize the 2018 recipient of the Margaret M. Kettering Memorial Scholarship, Cecilia Saucedo. Cecilia is a senior at Thornton High School, and also spends time learning at the Bollman Technical Education Center in Thornton.

Denver Scholarship

At Universal Achievement, we take a holistic approach to learning and value achieving inside and outside the classroom. This means making an effort not only to learn academically, but also to take care of our body and mind with nutrition, movement, and positive thinking. We believe that when we take care of our whole selves, we not only do better in school, but we are also more equipped to help others in our community.

Cecilia demonstrates these values in her life and we are impressed with her determined spirit, thoughtful and positive attitude, and ambitious life goals. Cecilia is engaged in her community and works hard to make it a better place. For example, in her spare time she picks up trash in her neighborhood and goes out of her way to take leftover food from work to the homeless population in downtown Denver.

When she isn’t working in the community, she stays involved at school by running track and serving as the captain of the volleyball team. Cecilia is also in a photography club where she is developing a strong passion for the film and media industry. She is planning to attend Emily Griffith College in Denver to continue studying media and work toward a career in marketing.

Denver Science Scholarship

Margaret M. Kettering was a sister, mother, wife, and friend. She loved to garden, play cards, and watch the birds in her yard. Margaret supported charitable causes in her community with her time and money and enjoyed encouraging education and wellness of younger generations. We think Grandma Kettering would be honored that Cecilia is the inaugural winner of this scholarship. Congratulations, Cecilia!


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