3 Tutor Tips for Reducing Test-Taking Anxiety

If you’re like many students, you feel at least a little worried before a big exam. For some, the anxiety is so intense that it can affect how they perform on all their tests. Fortunately, there are some proven confidence building and test preparation tips to help you combat your fear of taking exams. The tutors at Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching, serving the Highlands Ranch, Golden, Denver, and Boulder areas, discuss how to reduce your test anxiety.

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3 Tutor Tips to Overcome Test-Taking Anxiety

1. Focus on Breathing

While concentrating on your breathing may sound too simple to be useful, deliberately taking deep breaths relaxes your muscles and helps regulate your blood pressure. Close your eyes and slowly take three deep breaths, exhaling fully before beginning again. Besides helping you to relax, the increased oxygen flow from deep breathing energizes your brain as well.

2. Prepare Effectively

Test-taking anxiety can result from feeling inadequately prepared for the exam. Take control of test preparation by writing down a schedule with attainable goals to meet before the big day. Breaking down the material into pieces can help you feel that you’re making progress which boosts your confidence going into the exam.

3. Visualize Success With Positive Self-Talk

Visualizing is an effective strategy to help you reduce your stress levels. Close your eyes before beginning the exam and imagine yourself succeeding. Tell yourself you know the answers. Tell yourself you are smart and can figure anything out. This practice of visualizing your success before the test can help reduce your anxiety and has been scientifically proven to get better test scores. 

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