4 Summer Activities to Keep Your Kids Mentally Engaged

Summertime offers your children a much-needed reprieve from the hectic school year. However, you should still keep their minds engaged so they won’t fall behind once the fall semester begins. Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching is here with a list of activities that will stimulate your kids’ brains during the break. 

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4 Ways to Keep Your Children Mentally Active During Summer

1. Exercise

Exercise is great for kids because it stimulates the delivery of brain boosting proteins which help learning, mood, and motivation. Take your kids out for bike rides, rollerskating, or walks in the park. You may also consider enrolling them in summer sports programs, such as baseball, soccer, or swimming. 

2. Play Games

Games are also excellent when it comes to keeping kids mentally active. Board games strengthen memory and teach children how to strategize, while video games help them develop problem-solving skills and enhance their attention spans.

3. Plant a Garden

Gardening is another good way to stimulate your kids during the summer. Planting flowers and vegetables teaches kids about climate, the environment, and how to nurture other living things. It also encourages healthy eating habits and motivates kids to prepare meals.

4. Start a Book Club

Book clubs never go out of style, and summer is the best time to start one with your kids and their friends. Read books aloud together in groups, and then have fun discussions about them. You’ll connect with your children on a deeper level while improving their reading ability. If they struggle with reading, summer is the perfect time to have them work with a tutor. 

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