• What distinguishes you from other tutoring services?

    • The Universal Achievement program empowers students to succeed inside and outside the classroom by incorporating exercise, nutrition education, and positive psychology training into in-home tutoring sessions.

  • What do exercise, nutrition, and positive psychology have to do with performance in school?

    • Research over the last ten years by some of the top minds in their respective fields has shown that all these areas significantly impact how the brain develops, functions, and processes information. Incorporating these areas into a student's life not only will help them in the classroom, but in other areas of life as well. Learn more on our research page.

  • How was Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching started?

    • Universal Achievement was started by Jake Gamsky, an aerospace engineer and former college athlete, who had been tutoring in his spare time for twelve years. He was frustrated with the traditional tutoring process and began working to create a program that takes a holistic approach to learning. He wanted to create a tutoring program that would not just put a bandaid on a student's academic problems, but would totally transform them. He wanted to help students succeed inside AND outside the classroom.

Jake Gamsky, Owner and President of Program Development at Universal Achievement

Jake Gamsky, Owner and President of Program Development at Universal Achievement

  • Are you able to speak at my student's school or group events?

    • Yes, we thouroughly enjoy speaking with students. Popular topics include

      • Studying and Productivity Skills

      • How Exercise, Nutrition, and Positive Thinking Make You A Better Student

      • Career Exploration, Job Interviewing, and Resume Building

      • NASA, Commercial Space, and The Future of Space Exploration

      • Mentoring Students with Learning Difficulties

  • What kinds of tutors and coaches do you hire?

    • Our tutors are typically graduate students that have excelled in school and have trained/coached in other aspects of their life. All the tutors receive a background check, go through a multi-step interview process, and undergo training to learn the program.

  • How many tutoring and coaching hours a week are needed?

    • We recommend at least 3 hours a week of tutoring and coaching. This is usually broken up into 2 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each. However, we are flexible to the needs and constraints of the family and can adapt to whatever is needed. You work directly with the tutor to create a schedule that works for both parties.

  • How much does it cost?

    • Setting the hourly price point is our biggest challenge as a business. In order to employ the best tutors we have to pay them well. We also want to make it affordable for clients. We have a streamlined management structure, no facility costs, and rely on word of mouth advertising, so we can keep prices low. We offer sliding scale prices on a limited basis. To learn more about the pricing for your student, schedule a free consultation with a member of our team.