4 Summer Activities to Keep Your Kids Mentally Engaged

Summertime offers your children a much-needed reprieve from the hectic school year. However, you should still keep their minds engaged so they won’t fall behind once the fall semester begins. Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching, is here with a list of activities that will stimulate your kids’ brains during the break. 

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4 Ways to Keep Your Children Mentally Active During Summer

1. Exercise

Exercise is great for kids because it stimulates the delivery of brain boosting proteins which help learning, mood, and motivation. Take your kids out for bike rides, rollerskating, or walks in the park. You may also consider enrolling them in summer sports programs, such as baseball, soccer, or swimming. 

2. Play Games

Games are also excellent when it comes to keeping kids mentally active. Board games strengthen memory and teach children how to strategize, while video games help them develop problem-solving skills and enhance their attention spans.

3. Plant a Garden

Gardening is another good way to stimulate your kids during the summer. Planting flowers and vegetables teaches kids about climate, the environment, and how to nurture other living things. It also encourages healthy eating habits and motivates kids to prepare meals.

4. Start a Book Club

Book clubs never go out of style, and summer is the best time to start one with your kids and their friends. Read books aloud together in groups, and then have fun discussions about them. You’ll connect with your children on a deeper level while improving their reading ability. If they struggle with reading, summer is the perfect time to have them work with a tutor. 

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3 Tutor Tips for Reducing Test-Taking Anxiety

If you’re like many students, you feel at least a little worried before a big exam. For some, the anxiety is so intense that it can affect how they perform on all their tests. Fortunately, there are some proven confidence building and test preparation tips to help you combat your fear of taking exams. The tutors at Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching, serving the Highlands Ranch, Golden, Denver, and Boulder areas, discuss how to reduce your test anxiety.

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3 Tutor Tips to Overcome Test-Taking Anxiety

1. Focus on Breathing

While concentrating on your breathing may sound too simple to be useful, deliberately taking deep breaths relaxes your muscles and helps regulate your blood pressure. Close your eyes and slowly take three deep breaths, exhaling fully before beginning again. Besides helping you to relax, the increased oxygen flow from deep breathing energizes your brain as well.

2. Prepare Effectively

Test-taking anxiety can result from feeling inadequately prepared for the exam. Take control of test preparation by writing down a schedule with attainable goals to meet before the big day. Breaking down the material into pieces can help you feel that you’re making progress which boosts your confidence going into the exam.

3. Visualize Success With Positive Self-Talk

Visualizing is an effective strategy to help you reduce your stress levels. Close your eyes before beginning the exam and imagine yourself succeeding. Tell yourself you know the answers. Tell yourself you are smart and can figure anything out. This practice of visualizing your success before the test can help reduce your anxiety and has been scientifically proven to get better test scores. 

The experienced tutors at Universal Achievement Tutoring and Coaching, LLC provide holistic, in-home tutoring services to students, helping them to feel confident and relaxed while taking their exams. Give them a call at (719) 299-1667 to speak to an academic coach. You can also visit them online to learn how they can help your children get better grades, be healthier, and happier. 

5 Habits of Successful Students

All parents want their child to do well in school and get a good education. Most people understand that doing homework, studying, and performing well on tests contribute to being a good student. I put together a short list of 5 additional lifestyle habits that I continually see the best students employing. 

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1) They Keep Track Of All Their Assignments: The most successful students have a dedicated notebook or planner where they write down every assignment, task, or activity they need to get done. They take this with them to every class so they can record various items throughout the day. When they get home, all their to-dos are in one place and they can schedule time on a calendar to complete them (I recommend Google Calendar).

2) They Maintain A School/Life Balance: Successful students and their parents understand that there has to be a balance between schoolwork and other life activities. It’s not healthy to spend all your time studying and doing homework. More learning may actually come from exploring other interests and developing skills not normally taught in school.

3) They Identify As A Good Student: This might be the most important trait of successful students. The best students are not afraid or embarrassed to identify as a good student and a “smart” person. Many times, students will tell me “I’m not smart,” or “I’m not good at math.” This way of thinking automatically decreases your chances of success in school. The best students have an intrinsic belief in themselves and they hold themselves to high academic standards.

4) They Understand The Learning Process: The best students understand that learning is a process and no one understands everything right away. We all start with the same amount of knowledge about the world (nothing! :) ) and the only way to learn is to try and fail until you get it right.  They understand what helps them learn most effectively and employ those strategies during study sessions.

5) They Have A Healthy Lifestyle: Your brain needs several things to stay in optimal shape and help it work most effectively. It needs the right nutrients, it needs movement for oxygen and protein delivery, and it needs a positive mindset. Eating nutrient dense foods, exercising, and displaying gratitude are all common themes among the best students.