3 Sunday Night Routines to Help Your Student Succeed

Students have been back in school for a few weeks now and you might be starting to see signs that your student is falling behind. Try employing the following Sunday night tips to ensure you keep them on the right track this semester.

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1. Schedule out all assignments two weeks in advance

Grab a calendar, whiteboard, or put some stickie notes on a wall and review all the upcoming quizzes, tests, homework assignments, and projects with your student. Record the due date on the calendar and then discuss when they will do the work to prepare for that due date. Record this time on the calendar as well.

Making this a routine on Sunday nights can help cut down on arguments later in the week.

2. Stay Organized

The morning before a school day is usually a hectic time for families. Help reduce the stress by creating a “Take To School” area by the front door. This can be any kind of container or designated space used to store everything that your student needs to take to school the next day.

After you have done your two week planning for the night, make sure everything is ready to go in this location for the morning. Taking the time to think through this without the hectic morning rush will make everyone’s life easier.

3. Get Some Sleep

Consistently getting quality sleep will improve your student's mental, emotional, and physical performance. It also improves the immune system, balances hormones, boosts metabolism, and improves brain function.

Help them create a Sunday night routine that includes reading, journaling, or just some deep breathing to help your student wind down from the weekend and start the week off right.

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